Thursday, February 25, 2010

fancying this bitch up!

so blogger added some new stuff.
OR my dumb ass is just now seeing all this new stuff.
like, i can add pictures and links and videos and shit.
with relative ease.
isn't that exciting?!
i'm playingmessingfucking around with it and getting totally jazzed.

i am an idiot, so it might take me a while to figure it out.
be patient, for goodness' sake.
in the meantime, enjoy some pictures from your girl's fabulous birthday soiree.

this is me, and i am fucking awesome.

i love cake.

an awful lot.

this is my buttercream likeness.
(in my post-anorexic bulimia phase, obviously).
in a garden of beer bottles.
of course.

my manicure is jamming, right?!
and those baby quiches were delicious.

this is my good friend allen.
he's gorgeous. as is his fringe.

this is corey.
she smells nice.
and is SINGLE, hot dudes!

did i ever tell you dudes i have seven backs?
that shirt was a bad choice.

but i also have dimples.
the universe balances itself out.
(hi, roger.)

at the darkroom.
a bunch of hours later.
and there are a million other pictures,
but i can't be getting bitches' legal approval to post their image.
effing eff that.
who has the fucking time?!

so look through my facebook if you know me.
and cry in your beer if you don't.

i will try to never post like this ever again.
but i'm like a child.
when i have a new toy, i must play with it to DEATH.
just ask my vibrators.